Social Events

Welcome Reception:

All the registered participants are coordinately invited to this reception.
Time and Date:18:00~20:00, 4th Dec. Mon.

Place: Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba(Banquet Hall: Jupiter


Time and Date:18:00~20:00, 5th Dec. Tue.
Place: Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba(Banquet Hall: Subaru

Technical Tour:

Time and Date:Afternoon, 6th Dec. Wed.
Place: JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency )

Guided tour to JAXA’s test facilities.
JAXA Tsukuba Space Center is in the neighborhood area of AIST.
Operational spacecraft testing facilities are introduced through this tour.
Inside of the spacecraft antenna test facility will be visited. It is a large
shielded room (W:25m, D:39m, H:22m) equipped with the radio wave
absorber wall, rotating table where user can install an actual spacecraft, and
measuring instruments.
Other testing facilities such as vibration stands, space chambers and others
may also be visited unless those are occupied with the specific user. Those
facilities and testing technologies have been constructed and maintained
until today in order that JAXA executes various spacecraft’s development
Please note that JAXA needs security control to enter those facilities. It may
be needed for visitor to provide several personal information in advance.
All tourers can visit JAXA exhibition hall where people can know JAXA’s
histories and the latest activities. About 1 hour is set before or after this
technical tour. The exhibition hall is in the same place.